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Safety Gas Detection Equipment and Systems

Safety Gas Detection manufactures and installs permanently fixed safety gas detection equipment and systems for monitoring gas levels. We provide a total solution which can include a no obligation site survey, risk assessments as well as hardware installation. With an impressive warranty package and dedicated ongoing support, you can be sure your investment is in safe hands.

Gas alarm systems monitor the abnormal presence or depletion of a range of gases. Most common safety gas systems we supply provide alarms for Oxygen depletion / enrichment, Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). We also cover Refrigeration gases as well as other Hydrocarbons, Flammable and Toxic gases. All of our systems can monitor more than one gas and can cover multiple areas of buildings.

Our Safety Gas Detection systems are supplied ready configured and tested for your application ensuring simple installation. Units are manufactured in our factory in the UK.

Specifying Consultant?

If you are an engineer or designer looking to specify a system, contact us and we can supply you a tailored draft specification to adapt into your own document.

Our gas alarm systems are designed utilising materials and components which are ideal for a wide range of environments, with specific design features for Manufacturing and Laboratory environments. Our most common enquiry is for Oxygen Alarms for users of liquid or gaseous Nitrogen who need to detect Oxygen Depletion for personnel safety. We also provide gas alarm systems monitoring for a range of gases, and bespoke manufacture systems for specific applications such as refrigerant leak detection to meet the F-Gas regulations and BS EN 378 which was updated in 2008.

How do the gas detection systems work?

Gas alarm systems are triggered when the levels of gas measured reach alarm levels. Gas concentration is continually measured by sensing points distributed around the risk area, which provide the central control system with accurate readings. Alarm levels are set so that indication can be provided to key personnel via the control panel of a potentially unsafe situation, coupled with Alarm Beacons which are usually provided to ensure all risk areas are covered with a clear signal to personnel.

Systems can also switch on ventilation, shut down gas supplies and provide signals to your other systems, including e-mailing and text-messaging (SMS) key individuals. Our Web Remote Access option allows our team to dial into your system from our offices to assist with alarm activations in real time. Gas levels are recorded (data-logged) to memory which can be recalled at a later date for analysis on a PC.

The systems are highly visual using a colour touch screen display, showing with simple coloured indication the safety status of your monitored areas on the control panel. Whilst using highly complex monitoring software, the systems do not require user input, and run extremely reliably 365 days per year. An annual maintenance and calibration check is all that is usually required for the system to function for many years.

System Features

  • Fixed Installation
  • Multiple Sensors
  • Simple Visual Status Indication
  • Easy Set Up
  • Multiple Gases
  • Turnkey System
  • Mutable Audio/Visual Alarms
  • High Reliability
  • Complex software safeguards and functionality
  • 6 Year Warranty
  • Printout of alarm events
  • Integrate simply with other systems
  • Highly Flexible
  • Remote Web Access
  • Notification of Alarm by SMS Text Message, E-mail, automated voice message and Fax


  • Laboratories (Research & Teaching)
  • Test Facilities
  • Boiler Houses
  • Gas Stores
  • Plant Rooms
  • Car Parks
  • Rail Stations
  • Freezing Tunnels
  • Swimming Pool Plant Rooms
  • Vehicle Loading Bays
  • Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Installations

Gases Monitored

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Chlorine (Cl)
  • Flammable Gas – Methane and other fuel gases
  • F-Gas systems – R134a, R404a, R407a/c/f etc – contact us for others
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Refrigeration Gas
  • Toxic Gas
  • Oxygen Enrichment
  • Oxygen Depletion