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Methane Gas Detection

In Boiler Rooms and Plant Rooms

Boiler Room and Plant Room Application Examples

Schools, Colleges, Universities, CHP, Hospitals, Industrial and anywhere with commercial or industrial boilers.

The risk of a Methane gas leak

A leak of fuel gas – i.e. Natural Gas – Methane, or from the products of combustion – including Carbon Monoxide could be catastrophic if not detected and rectified in a controlled manner. Methane becomes explosive at 5% volume, and Carbon Monoxide is listed in the COSHH EH40 Exposure Limits document – both offer significantly different but potentially deadly consequences if not managed.

The Solution

Utilising the basic functions of our SafeGuard Gas Alarm System, Operators of areas subject to the build up of Methane fuel gas or Carbon Monoxide can monitor up-to 32 sensor points, or with the budget friendly SafeGuardLite, monitor up to 8. ATEX EX rated sensor housings are available for zoned areas. System specification, design & installation are available.

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Boiler House With Gas Detection