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How often should we test our Gas Detector?

This seems recently to be a very important question. Whilst there is somewhat of a number of differing opinions, the COSHH regulations ACOPS dictate that control measures need “frequent inspection”. SGD O&MĀ Manuals dictate a testing regime of no less than monthly (some sensor technology requires more frequent testing) tests be used to check function of the sensors. What is your regime?

Liquid Nitrogen in the news

Gaby Scanlon, just 18 years old had to have her stomach removed after drinking a coctail made with the dangerous chemical Liquid Nitrogen. Many experienced professionals who use Liquid Nitrogen in cryogenics and other fields have been calling for better regulation regarding the use of this chemical, which has many risks including asphyxiation – where Oxygen Monitoring System are used to detect its leakage.

Its holiday season

Its holiday season, and Director Tim Holmes recommends Sundance Villas – for Villas in Cyprus because they offer fantastic support & great villas. That’s where he’s going this year to escape the not-so-Great British weather…

SGD complete another SafeGuardLite installation

his time at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro, where CO2 is used in keyhole surgery. The system monitors for Oxygen Depletion and Carbon Dioxide. We did our bit for the planet by using public transport – taking the 7.5 hour train jorney each way. This project was time critical as the project had to be completed during the weekend.

Installing speed controlled ventilation

this month we begin installing speed controlled ventilation based on Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide measurements at the Manchester Victoria Rail Station to improve air quality whilst maintaining optimum energy efficiency. On-Demand ventilation control often provides project payback within 12 months

Safety Gas Detection takes to the skies

Whilst many are car sharing, we managed to hop on a private flight from Blackpool using up the spare space in a 6 seater twin engine light aircraft, enabling us to perform 2 service visits in Southampton and be home before 5pm! The first system maintained was an Oxygen Depletion system for a high tech electronics manufacturing company, whilst the second was for automatic ventilation control based on Carbon Monoxide monitoring in a vehicle loading bay, with two 11kW fans.

Scottish Water Scientific choose Safety Gas Detection

Scottish Water Scientific choose Safety Gas Detection to maintain their Oxygen Depletion Sensor – Why? Because we were able to attend site quickly with the relevant experience and parts for another manufacturers system

6 year warranty now comes as standard

6 year warranty now comes as standard* with all Safety Gas Detection systems – simply carry out the system maintenance using our dedicated team, and your warranty is automatically enhanced each year for up to 6 years. Parts & Labour included – Fix your budget for the next 6 years now! (Systems not maintained carry the usual 12 month warranty)

Safety Gas Detection can offer systems with internet connectivity

Safety Gas Detection can offer systems with internet connectivity, enabling us to dial into your system in the event of an alarm, and providing SMS text messages and e-mails to your key personnel. This means we can advise in real time from our office the gas level in your risk area without any personnel needing to go to the system touch screen interface – ideal for applications where buildings are not occupied 24/7, or where it would be unsafe to enter the building.

Safety Gas Detection roll out our new entry level ‘lite’ systems

Safety Gas Detection roll out our new entry level ‘lite’ systems, which combine many high specification features, but at very cost effective prices. Systems can accept up-to 8 sensors, and use a 4 line LCD text display for information. Systems still incorporate industrial grade electronics as with all our products, and therefore offer excellent reliability and of course our 5 year [EDIT 1st January 2010, see above] – Now 6 year warranty when maintenance is carried out by ourselves.