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F Gas

Why should you use a F-Gas (Refrigeration) alarm system?

F-Gas Refrigeration Application Example

Application Example – Protecting the environment with our F-Gas leak detection system

The Application

With the introduction of the F-Gas regulations, companies have a responsibility to identify leaks in refrigeration systems where the gases in use fall within these regulations. Leak detection systems reduce the inspection requirements on operators, and can be used to give early warning of leaks – demonstrating compliance and good practice.

The Solution

Utilising the basic functions of our Refrigeration Gas Alarm System, operators of refrigeration plant can monitor up-to 32 sensor points. Additionally they can use the alarm functions to identify gas leaks, enabling speedy rectification.

The gas sensors used are specific to the Refrigeration gas involved, and are positioned in line with our experience and logic with respect to risk of leakage from the plant.

The system has a User Interface, which is a touch screen control panel. Here it is possible to view the readings from the gas sensors, and indication is made audibly and visually if the system detects an alarm condition. The unit also data-logs the gas readings, and these can be transferred to common spreadsheet or database applications or simply stored to prove compliance with the regulations. Normally sited with the User Interface is a small printer, which can be utilised to take records of testing, alarms and system set-up. It is advisable that the User Interface is located outside of the monitored area, so that in the event of a full alarm, the information from the system can be accessed without entry into the risk area.

In this example, the first (Amber) Alarm can be utilised to trigger investigation of a leak, and the second (Red) Alarm be utilised to indicate potentially unsafe levels.

Application Specific Options

  • It is possible for the system to monitor multiple areas, with area specific (zoned) triggers.
  • Separate Interface Panel and monitoring station – ideal in this environment where Interface needs to be in a central control room or manned area. This can also reduce installation cost where the Interface Panel is located at a distance from the sensors.

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