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Servicing, Maintenance & Calibration

Gas Detection Maintenance


All gas detection and gas monitoring devices require calibration and routine servicing. This is normally carried out every 6 months, but may vary by application and equipment type, with some systems requiring more frequent testing & calibration.

We are the chosen service provider for many Universities, Research establishments and businesses around the U.K. and are well known for our friendly can do approach, taking time to understand what our customers really need. Some of our customers key driver is cost, and we have seen a trend during the \’credit crunch\’ and recession of tight budgets with simultaneous cost increases. We pride ourselves on being a competitively priced high quality service provider. We can often save our customers significant cost on their routine servicing. Many ask how we can achieve this – the answer is simple – we operate on a modest profit margin, are highly organised and do not carry any unnecessary overhead (for example we employ NO sales personnel – recommendations and repeat business are what drive our new business). Our constant drive for efficiency means that we can provide a first class service at prices often 15-20% below our competitors. Just ask for a reference from one of our customers in your area and we will be happy to put you in touch with one of our happy clients.

Servicing requirements depend to a large extent on the system design, type and sensor type. Many sensors from the electrochemical range require routine replacement as the sensor output levels deteriorate with age. Environmental (also known as extractive) sampling systems also require the mechanical elements to be overhauled to ensure proper operation.


Calibration of gas detection and monitoring systems is essential to ensure measured readings are accurate and repeatable. Alarm settings cannot be relied upon unless the system as a whole has been calibrated in accordance with the manufacturers recommended guidelines. Nearly all manufacturers recommend a calibration of at least every 6 months. Calibration involves the use of specialist calibrated and certificated test gasses specific to the system and its application. Our calibration and testing regime involves trace-ability of each calibration back to the individual canister of calibration gas.

Safety Gas Detection offer servicing and calibration of other manufacturers equipment at very competitive rates. That is why a number of our customers have come to rely on us for their servicing and calibration needs, finding our excellent service comes as standard in addition to the cost savings they have made.

Manufacturers Systems we have been servicing recently (updated 13 August 2013):

  • Analox
  • BOC
  • Coster
  • Crowcon
  • Duomo
  • Gemlog
  • Oliver IGD
  • OX-AN
  • MSA
  • Quantum

And of course our own – SafeGuardLite, SafeGuard & SafeGuardUltimate.