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Carbon Dioxide gas detection

Carbon dioxide detection

We manufacture carbon dioxide detection systems which detect the presence of low levels of carbon dioxide and provide an alarm.

Dangers of Carbon Dioxide

The dangers of carbon dioxide

  • Carbon dioxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas.
  • Air should contain a few hundred parts per million CO2, but this can increase when ventilation doesn’t provide enough air changes – even human occupancy can increase levels..
  • It is toxic at higher than background levels.
  • It is significantly more dense than air, so can have higher concentrations at low levels.
  • Increased levels of carbon dioxide results in progressive physiological effects (see below) resulting in life threatening situations in high concentrations.
  • It can also deplete the oxygen content of air, resulting in a risk of asphyxiation, however the effects of elevated CO2 would begin before the effects of lack of oxygen.
  • Carbon dioxide in its dry form is commonly called ‘Dry Ice’, and expands greatly as it increases in temperature – this can mean that a small amount of dry ice can be a big risk.
technical information about Carbon Dioxide

Technical Information

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Physiological Effects of Carbon Dioxide

Physiological Effects

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